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Early Cold

Winter has paid us an early visit here in KC. Temperatures dipped below freezing last night, and I loved it. When it gets cold, I like to sleep with the window open, so I can bundle myself up in bed. I made the first use of the season of my "Illinois Quilt," last night, and stayed warm all night, despite the cold breeze in the room. The annoying part is showering in a room where the temperature is probably in the upper forties.

I took the bus today, and knocked off a couple pages in the book I'm reading. There's not a lot of grass to look at as the 25 comes down Troost from downtown, through midtown, but when I made the transfer to the 63rd Street bus, grass lawns were much more common. I noticed that the night's cold had installed a layer of steely frost on the grass, making swope park look like a scene from a black and white movie.

I really love cold weather. It feels clean, and I really enjoy the feeling of bundled fabric keeping me warm.

8:29 AM, Oct 13, 2006

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