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Our First Close One

We played some more kickball, last night, and managed to score two runs! Unfortunately, the other team scored three. In one of the runs, I actually had to cross home plate twice, because of the indecisive umpire. I was disappointed in my sentence to run more, so I lowered my pants and displayed my bottom to the ump, on my way back to third. Maybe he was able to see that. Our defense is really starting to come together, though we still need more work, and more communication. Throwing and catching are some trouble areas.

After the game, a group of us went over to Grinders, where Matt bought drinks. We thanked him profusely, until he left. After that, I set about blinding everyone with my camera's flash. Here are some pictures.

210team.jpg 214terraamanda.jpg 209team.jpg

4:11 PM, Jun 29, 2006

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