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Picture Index Upgrade

I fixed up the picture pages a little bit. the most significant upgrade, for me, is that all the pictures can be loaded with a single file now, so changes in style or features will be much easier from here on. For you, the improvement is that when you click on a picture in an index, the page for the individual picture now has a description on it, and links to previous and next pictures/videos. Play around with it, as I have a couple of "albums," converted over now. I'll work my way to getting the rest, but it'll be a while.

Did anyone else miss the Super Bowl, but still catch American Dad?

3:22 PM, Feb 7, 2005


RA_Heller interjected:

American DAD was great, I had some good laughs.

8:42 AM, Feb 8, 2005

Rachel had this to say:

I don't even know who played (much less WON) the super bowl.

12:25 PM, Feb 8, 2005

bahua spoiled the calm with:

The Super Bowl is for chuckleheads, especially when the teams in it inspire no interest in all the non-chuckleheads.

6:11 PM, Feb 8, 2005

Brian had this to say:

I though American Dad was pretty lame. I had high hopes because I love the Family Guy. I can't quantify it, but I only laughed once in the whole episode, and I can't even remember what it was now..

6:09 PM, Feb 10, 2005

Jesse wants you to know:

Did not like it. I feel dumber for have watching it.

9:55 AM, Feb 14, 2005

bahua interrupted with:


10:01 AM, Feb 14, 2005

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