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Tuesday Gras

I hopped on the 51 at about 4:45, last night, and took that down to Westport without incident, and noticed like four attractive women on the bus. That's a piece of the pie. Like frogs thriving in recovering ecosystems, hot, young, single women on the bus are an environmental indicator for the city. I means the city is becoming more of one.

My excitement came to a halt, however, when I walked into McCoy's, and saw that the patio was closed. This was really unreasonable. How could Kansas City's best people-watching patio be closed, not only on Mardi Gras, but also in gorgeous 75-degree weather? The welcome chalkboard inside proclaimed, "The patio is closed! Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked it!" Lame bastards. That doesn't even make sense.

So, I made a bunch of phone calls, and got a couple too, and informed everyone involved that the proceedings would be relocated to the back patio at Harpo's. On the way to Harpo's I saw that Harry's patio, train caboose and all, was closed too. What gives? Why would these bars deny themselves the added business a patio provides? Harpo's back patio, predictably, was already almost full. I grabbed the last table that didn't require setting up a new one and cleaning it, and waited twenty minutes for service.

Liz, Terra, and Holly arrived soon after I finally got my beer, and they got so tired of waiting, they went inside to get their own drinks, up at the bar. From this point on, Theresa, our attractive but lamentably slow waitress talked mostly to me, and almost never to the girls. Geoff, Erp, and Jeff filtered in, over the next hour, as the sun fell behind the building. After a pretty sad(but cheap) dinner, Wes arrived, and we all went across the street to the Dark Horse.

The situation was similar there, and the crowd was filling up all the spaces quickly. We had a large booth, and enjoyed the $2 dark beers, on special that night. After a couple of 1554s, Eric, and a couple of Jeff's friends arrived, and at about the same time, Erp and I ran into Megan and her friend Christy, and some of Liz and Terra's friends arrived then, too. In short, we had a party.

I eventually left with Jeff and some of his friends, and went over to the Stagecoach for cheap-as-free drinks and loud Guns n' Roses music. Soon after getting there, Jeff and I had to go, as the buses were about to run their last routes of the day, and we had to get over to Main and 39th to catch them.

Because the bus system is stupid, the last three or four buses don't go all the way downtown, so I always have to get off at 18th and Walnut, and walk from there. This didn't bother me, because it was beautiful out, and I was digging the tunes on my player. I was enjoying them so much, as a matter of fact, that I walked up Main Street, instead of Baltimore, and wandered right into the H & R Block headquarters construction site. It is for this reason that my shoes are now very dirty.

Figuring I was in a rare spot, illegally treading through a potentially dangerous construction zone, I wandered this way and that, taking in the views, inside the fenced-off(but not to the south, the way I came in) area, and started to make for the northern boundary of the fencing. Right when I had started to move toward the exit, a pair of headlights turned on, about thirty feet in front of me. The car started rolling toward me, and came slowly to a stop right next to me, and the passenger side window started rolling down.

Instead of walking willingly into trouble, I just walked past the car, as if it wasn't there, kept on listening to my music, and slipped through a stretched opening in the temporary chain-link fence. The car started to turn around, as if to follow me, but there was nothing they could do. I think I really upset them, by not allowing them to get a chance to yell at me. Such is life.

I watched the most recent episode of Lost when I got home, and went to bed. I got up earlier than I have in a long time, and picked up Heidi at 7:40 for something I haven't done in probably about ten years: Ash Wednesday Mass. At Heidi's suggestion, we went to Guardian Angels again, and as I type this, I have a smudge of ashes on my forehead.

I got an email this morning from my Dad, letting me know that I wasn't the only one in the family that had fun last night. Check this out.

10:52 PM, Mar 1, 2006


ck wants you to know:


Dude, that guy in the dadigras picture stole your Halloween costume from college.

1:09 PM, Mar 1, 2006

Rachel had this to say:

That 1554 sounds amazing. Maybe we could get a DOTW of it?

1:09 PM, Mar 2, 2006

bahua interrupted with:

Time will tell...

12:05 AM, Mar 3, 2006

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