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To 17th

After my little sprint yesterday, and the fact that I've been playing kickball and softball for over a month without any major problems, I've decided that my heel is in good enough shape to endure some deliberate jogging again. And, now that it's comfortably back down in the 90s, outside, I further decided that today was as good a day as any to get back out there for a run.

So, I ran down Baltimore, on and off, to 17th, over to Summit, and back up to downtown. The uphill parts were generally not run, in favor of a brisk purposeful uphill, orc-style march. When I got back downtown, I was awash with sweat. My underpants looked like I rather enjoy peeing myself. I guess I just have a really sweaty crotch.

Enjoy your lunch.

1:42 PM, Aug 2, 2006
tagged with lard


ck chimed in with:

sweaty crotch = swotch

2:55 PM, Aug 2, 2006

Jeff cut in with:

Good job! Next time run three more blocks down to 20th and then over to Summit. Feel the burn.

3:25 PM, Aug 2, 2006

Rachel chimed in with:

bwaaaaa swotch

8:42 PM, Aug 7, 2006

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