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The System is Down

You may have noticed that things are weird. I have too. I brought up this webpage a couple days ago, and saw that there are some missing entries. So I logged into the server and found that it's all running on the backup server. I sent an email asking what's up, and got a quick response. It explained that the server had a hardware failure. One of the hard drives died, and so they extracted a backup, and the most recent one they could find was from early April. They said they'll find a more recent backup sometime soon, which means that this entry you're now reading will get overwritten.

Sorry for all the trouble. I feel pretty stuck too. They're working as quickly as they can to get a new drive into the old server, and hopefully set it up with mirroring, or at least some kind of redundancy. Since this is all fleeting anyway, I've disabled the comments until everything's back the way it should be.

5:01 PM, May 1, 2007

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