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Slow Recovery

After a careful day of sipping 7-Up, the stomach-settling powers of which I liken to how I assume hard drugs must work, I balled my hand in a fist, and made two slices of toast. I nibbled them both down and decided that that would have to be enough for one day. The next day my nausea was almost completely gone, and I slept more or less, through the night.

I took down a bit more toast, and by the end of the day, I actually cooked up some chicken fried rice and ate some of that. I came back into the office yesterday, coughing hysterically, inspiring the confidence of my peers. After work I went to a meeting at the library where I met and witnessed an excellent Q&A with Airick Leonard West, an extremely articulate intelligent man that's running for one of our open school board positions. I enjoyed his words, and am quite confident that I'll be voting for him next month.

After the meeting we went down to Harry's for happy hour, where I had my first beer since getting sick. It was an unfortunately old Boulevard Irish Ale. I couldn't finish it. I got home and slept like a baby.

4:30 PM, Mar 20, 2008

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