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12/24/2002 7:14 AM

I was pretty disappointed with The Two Towers. Bear in mind, I thought it was a fantastic movie, I was utterly amazed with it, I will see it again, buy it, and probably consider it the best movie of 2002, but it disappointed me how liberally they embellished the story, in addition to taking other important parts out. This is not meant to be a spoiler post, so I will stop my criticism there. Brian and I went to Peoria over the weekend, and "had our Christmas." I got a tent from my Dad, a few books, a beard trimmer, a small electric beverage cooler, and a wonderful couple of evenings with the family. I decided to sell the Alpha box, and get a digital camera with the profit. Depending on how much it is, I will decide what to get. I found a great website that indexes cameras, which will help immensely. At the moment, though, I am leaning toward the Olympus D-550, but if the auction goes especially well, I might spring for one of these little babies.

7:14 AM, Dec 24, 2002

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