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4/22/2003 12:43 AM

Easter was nice, and I got just about enough sleep to feel slightly less than horrible. Brian, who gave up drinking anything but water for Lent, was enthusiastic about going to get beer on Saturday night at midnight. Therefore, we came home at 3 AM, and felt like zombies for much of the next day. We enjoyed a good long sleepy trip back to Kansas City. I took a couple pictures of Peoria, which I will post here soon. In a bit of last-minute planning, I will be heading to Nashville, this weekend, while Brian pays his lady-friend a visit in Baltimore.

They are telling us that we definitely will be changing our location to somewhere in the damned state to the west of Missouri, even though there really isn't any reason for us to move. Our control room is getting cramped, but it seems to me that there are three main reasons for this problem. One: the room is massive, and we only use a small portion of it. Two: We have five massive projector screens that serve no real purpose but to show usually inaccurate realtime statistics about activation and system status, in small, blurry text. These screens, bear in mind, will not exist at our new location, but management doesn't seem interested in getting rid of these screens to save us a move.

Third, and most importantly, our group is pointlessly divided between 'Enterprise,' and 'Renaissance.' The differences between the work of the two sides are cosmetic, and provide no real basis for separating people into 'teams.' Alas, we are separated physically, and the Renaissance side, which keeps hiring people, is basically out of room, while the Enterprise side is perfectly comfortable. If there was no division, and everyone who works here did everything, it would be easier to 1) carry out our operations, and 2) lose people, which, despite repeated assurances from management, will have to happen.

I will stop ranting now, but I think I will email that text to management.

12:43 PM, Apr 22, 2003

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