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2/5/2003 3:53 AM

I was digging on leaving pretty soon, but as time that precedes a great event has a tendency of doing, all has become slow. I have been extended an opportunity to express interest in taking a position on the Consumer Billing side of our group. I will find out as early as tomorrow, whether I will actually get a position. It would mean no more messing with the mindless win32 monitoring apps that I use in my current position, and that 100% of what I do will be batch monitoring, scheduling, and whatnot. It would also mean a lot more work, which I would also welcome. In this slowed-down time, I have also managed to contract something of a malady. I have a nasty sore on my tongue. In other news, I might actually be able to go skiing in a few weeks! 2 days until Ireland.

3:53 AM, Feb 5, 2003

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