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Impending Moves

We move this weekend, and ironically, the location for work changes at the same time, too. Tonight will be my last night working in Lees Summit. On Monday night, I'll report to Leawood for work. After work, Brian and I are going down to New Quality Hill's offices, where we'll sign the lease, and get the whole puppet show about not damaging the walls, and where the mailboxes are. Otherwise, this weekend, we each have plans to go out a number of times, including another party at Alex's in Olathe, a good-bye bar outing for Eddy, who's leaving my shift for a better job elsewhere, and the Royals' last game on Sunday.

Somewhere in there, we need to fit in a move.

8:53 PM, Sep 25, 2003


Pedant spoiled the calm with:

Would the fact that your work location changing at the same time be coincidental, instead of ironic?

11:32 PM, Oct 1, 2003

bahua wants you to know:

No, I'd say that it's coincidental, in addition to being ironic, not instead of.

8:37 AM, Oct 2, 2003

AnotherPedant said:

Usage Note: The words ironic, irony, and ironically are sometimes used of events and circumstances that might better be described as simply "coincidental" or "improbable," in that they suggest no particular lessons about human vanity or folly. Thus 78 percent of the Usage Panel rejects the use of ironically in the sentence In 1969 Susie moved from Ithaca to California where she met her husband-to-be, who, ironically, also came from upstate New York. Some Panelists noted that this particular usage might be acceptable if Susie had in fact moved to California in order to find a husband, in which case the story could be taken as exemplifying the folly of supposing that we can know what fate has in store for us. By contrast, 73 percent accepted the sentence Ironically, even as the government was fulminating against American policy, American jeans and videocassettes were the hottest items in the stalls of the market, where the incongruity can be seen as an example of human inconsistency.


7:13 PM, Oct 2, 2003

StillAnotherPedant interrupted with:

But I'm just saying...

8:49 PM, Oct 2, 2003

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