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Idle Sunday

The weekend was a lot of fun, what with Rachel's visit, and I got to meet Nathan's girlfriend, Rebecca, and eat some tasty barbecue and drink some tasty beer. Unfortunately, Fiorella's Jackstack no longer carries Abita Turbodog on tap, so the dotw will have to be something else.

After dinner, I said good-night to Brian and Rachel, and met up with some kcgeek people to see the first public appearance of the full iteration of The Sham, at Bender's. Ryan broke three strings in his guitar, and played on, because he knew that the show must go as such. There were lots of good-looking ladies there, and they all sat by their boyfriends. With this in mind, I gave being sexy a rest, and enjoyed some raw, pantless rock and roll music.

I am spending today relaxing and preparing for a rough week of four-to-five hour workdays.

4:14 PM, May 2, 2004


bahua wants you to know:

Update: The DOTW was not Abita Turbodog, but it was impressive all the same. Check it out, if you get a moment.

11:36 PM, May 2, 2004

hagakure replied:

Noooo!!!!! Where for art thou Turbodog?

7:25 PM, May 4, 2004

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