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Quakecon Day 2

Day 2 has been a bit more laid back than day 1. We spent most of today sitting on our laurels(that's our funny word for our "asses"). I have greatly enjoyed myself, and have gotten to some gaming that would normally cause me to crap myself with excitement and nerves. Madness, often.

Brian saw Carmack's speech, and he assures me that it was as dry as I figured it was when I decided not to go. The connection in and out of here has been shaky as best, which has pretty nastily hampered connectivity to my machine, and for Brian and Louis to get to theirs. Nevertheless, day 2 has rocked.

Last night, some moron kids set up a "Dance Dance Revolution" console(a very very japanese game involving crazy music and stepping in an orderly manner), and have since been polluting the air with the noise and affinity for such a moronic pursuit. It's exceedingly stupid, as many japanese things are, and at the same time, is inexplicably enthralling.

More to come.

12:13 AM, Aug 16, 2003


Rachel cut in with:

Yeah. Dance Dance Revolution is indeed exceedingly stupid. =But oh man it is so much fun. It's, er... really hard. Man, I got no RHYTHM!

Good bye!

11:03 PM, Aug 18, 2003

hagakure had this to say:

Body Massage.

1:17 AM, Aug 21, 2003

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