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Pixels and Kixels

Unfortunately, video games have laid claim of my free time, lately. It started when I purchased SiN Episodes. For some inexplicable reason, the ads fro it caught my eye. I discovered that the ads definitely aren't a big departure from the content. The first scene is a cinematic, where you are restrained on a hospital bed, and some chick is waving her about-to-pop-out boobs at you. Video games are getting a little too realistic, these days.

I also have discovered Final Fanrtasy: Dawn of Souls. That's kept me pretty busy for the last couple of days. In other news, I need to assemble my thoughts for my annual "self appraisal," the document where I justify why I deserve a big raise, and with which my boss will justify not giving me one. It's an annual process.

I have kickball tonight, so that'll be fun. Then I get paid. That'll be helpful for the ongoing struggle of paying for bills, beer, and debt.

3:56 PM, May 18, 2006

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