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2007 In Review

A number of things happened to me in 2007.

  • I resolved to lose fifty pounds. I lost three. Better luck next year.
  • I resolved to take steps toward opening my own brewery/beer bar. I did this, and found that the more I learned about what it would take the less appealing it became. In the end I decided that I'd rather shoot myself in the head than open a bar in Kansas City.
  • I resolved to take steps toward home ownership. So in January I looked at condominiums around downtown, and it all culminated in the purchase of my current apartment in March.
  • I resolved to get my finances under control. To do this, I took out a loan from my bank to pay off my credit cards, and a couple other things. Without these things burning a hole in my bank account, I've been able to pay down my car payment, my mortgage, and the loan itself, all while actually saving some money too. Also, for the first time in ten years, I stand to get a refund for my income taxes, because of the nine thousand dollars I blew in mortgage interest in 2007. Finances: much, much better.
  • I began working on call again. It's been rough, especially with some people jumping ship, but it's prompted me to start writing way to make things easier. As such, I've been commended a number of times on tools I've written around here to save time. The job is going well, and I still like it after almost a year and a half.
  • I visited twelve states, two countries, and two Canadian Provinces. I added four airports(Quebec, Toronto, Detroit, and Oakland) to bring my airport total to 46. I went to the Extreme Beer Fest in Boston in February with Julia, Iowa several times for various reasons, Chicago for a wedding, Ontario and Quebec for the Great Canadian Brewtrip with Alex, Minneapolis for Labor Day with Jeff and Matt, Minnesota again for a wedding, San Francisco to visit Josh and Callie in December, and a subsequent unplanned two-day layover in Las Vegas on the way back. I love traveling, and 2007 did not disappoint.
  • I planned and executed the Second Annual KCATA Pubcrawl. Our numbers were greater, and the time had was great. The Third Annual KCATA Pubcrawl will take place on April 26th, 2008.
  • I invented and executed the first and second iterations of the downtown Splutschnik Pubcrawl. I got the idea, along with some vital logistic support from Jeff, for a free downtown pubcrawl that combines a scavenger hunt with plain old great times, first in February, and then in July, for both ends of the thermometer. Splutschnik III will take place on January 26th, 2008.
  • I made a number of great new friends. Before 2007, I had only met Amber and Liana a couple of times, but never really knew them that well. I didn't know Becky or Heather at all. Now, they're on all my email lists. Cheers!

2007 was a great year, but 2008 already promises a lot of good times.

  • I will reacquaint myself with skiing, when I travel to Steamboat Springs with Brad, Chris, Kelly, Brooks, and a smattering of other people I don't know.
  • I will travel to the American Southeast for the third annual Great Brewtrip. Some people have expressed interest in joining me for at least part of the trip, but even if I go alone, I can't wait. I will travel from Jacksonville, FL up to either Roanoke, VA or Baltimore, MD in March.
  • I will attend a Georgist Conference. The conference at which my father spoke last summer in Scranton, PA will be in Kansas City in July of 2008. I anxiously await full details.
  • I will turn 30 on 08/08/08. It will be a Friday too. I will have to plan something.

Everything else will be left open, provided that I can find time to accomplish it all with my paltry allotment of vacation days. Stay tuned for what I do.

12:59 PM, Dec 31, 2007

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