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10/7/2002 3:58 AM

This was my weekend to be sick. It came on last week, assuredly during my commutes with Geoff, who was painfully ill the week before. I experienced serious coughing, and took some serious Nyquil on Friday morning, after I got off work. I slept until 10 PM. I woke up refreshed and ready to go. Unfortunately, it was 10 PM. Brian got home at 1, and we went for a beer at the Newsroom. I remained awake for the rest of the night, and at 1 PM, attended a football-viewing/beer-drinking party way the hell down in Olathe, KS, about 25 miles out into the suburbs. Nonetheless, I enjoyed myself, and left after a whole four hours, when I was having trouble keeping my eyes open. I quickly bedded down when we got home(about 5:30 PM), and slept until about 11:30. I hung out with Brian for a while, and went back to sleep at about 1, and slept until 6 AM. Sunday was similar. I slept about four times, but inadvertently made myself wide awake for staying up all night, to get a good day's sleep before work tomorrow night. Hooray. Otherwise, I have decided for my trip to Dubuque this weekend, I will bring my laptop, and use it as a music device, in the car. With a 40 GB hard drive, it will easily hold my entire music collection, and my network is being choked at the moment, with the process of copying its entire contents over. Two-day workweek, this week, and then Homecoming will be fun. Expect pictures.

3:58 AM, Oct 7, 2002

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