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Tasting Party

I held the tasting party for the "coming out," of the Nut Brown at my apartment on the 28th. Nathan, Matt, Joel, Susie, Randy, Cole, Stacey, Geoff, and Erp all came to enjoy the beer, and good times were had by all ... I think.

Susie, Cole, and Matt goof around over some Nut Brown.


Joel, Porter, and Randy catch up on my freshly vacuumed carpet.


Nathan and Stacey enjoy a beer or two, while Joel and Randy confer.


Joel and Susie were in town from New York, and they brought their new dog, Porter. He was fresh out of an eye operation, and was still a bit under the weather.


Nathan and Matt come back for seconds(or maybe thirds).


I wasn't quite clear on what was public beer and what was private beer, in the fridge, so Randy dipped into some of my personal stash. The fact that he enjoyed it was some consolation, though.


Cole, looking alert.


Joel, I, Stacey(slightly obscured by), and Susie enjoy the beer as is disappears.


I grin stupidly for the camera.


Porter, it seems, likes beer.


Then, Porter got all affectionate with me.


All in all, it was a successful get-together which I hope to repeat sometime soon. We all agreed that the beer needed a little more time to condition, as for many people it was a little more flat that it should have been. That said, everyone agreed that it was delicious nonetheless. Success!

3:17 PM, Jan 5, 2005
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bahua interjected:

It matured very nicely. It gained a much greater nutty character, and renewed hoppiness. I still have two bottles left, but I have archived them for later tasting. I think I will take them to Peoria for the caroling party, in December. They say that one year is about the peak of bottled beer's aging ability.

11:51 PM, Mar 8, 2005

Rachel wants you to know:

So how was the beer when it WAS conditioned a little longer? Or was there any left?

10:42 AM, Mar 9, 2005

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