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The party was fantastic. The keg of Two Hearted blew at about 12:30 am, and after I did the dishes, I came back into my room, and found the following note, sitting on my desk:


The sex with you was the most amazing cosmic lovemaking EVER! I never gave anyone a blumpkin before. DAMN... you are so hot. You can give me a dirty sanchez anytime. By the way... Cleveland steamer- I LOVED IT!


Your special girl.

Bleh. I don't think it needs to be said that no sex was had between me and anyone. Sigh. I don't know anyone as filthy as this, and if I did, I don't think I'd be quite the sleeper at night. I'm going to bed now.

UPDATE(6/18): The pictures are done. Enjoy!

2:11 AM, Jun 17, 2006


kelly took the time to say:

quit lying to everyone...we all saw you gettin' it on last night! XOXXOOXOOX

10:45 AM, Jun 17, 2006

terra took the time to say:

damn it. i knew i was going to miss a dance party. kelly plays a mean leg guitar and urps helmet compleate with feather duster plume was quite a sight. thanks boys!

3:47 PM, Jun 18, 2006

bahua interrupted with:

4:41 PM, Jun 18, 2006

Cole brooked no delay in saying:

I don't remember falling down. are you sure i wasn't just tired and decided to rest on the deck a bit? sometimes i lay on floors voluntarily. also, it was good to meet all those people, and i remember some of them. a bit. so we should do this again. because i forgot everyones names already.

9:47 PM, Jun 18, 2006

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