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There are several people who view this website on a regular basis, but one in particular who seems to want nothing more than to ridicule it in whatever way they can, to the point of unnerving me into removing the comments and forums I worked so hard to write. In response to this, I honestly don't know what do, because I am convinced that there are people out there that actually do enjoy looking at this website, and would like to comment in a constructive, friendly manner. So, with whatever name you want to use, please let me know what you want me to do. Do you want me to idly sit by as you quip at my expense about things you don't understand? Fine. I will offer no more resistance. I won't edit any more of your witty little jabs at me and my sensibilities, disguised as humor. Wail away. I know I can't beat you, because you are unpleasable, and if I do act in a way that makes me appear the least bit defiant, you'll do whatever you can to break the website I've put together myself, or at least try to belittle and embarrass me in front of the few good-natured people that view this site to see what I am up to.

You win. Use all the language you want, insult me, my taste, and my friends all you wish. Enjoy being right all the time, and poking at me and my little website.

7:57 PM, Sep 15, 2003


r._heller had this to say:

John, hey man do not let this asshole get to you. I really enjoy your website, and it is great to read what you have been up to. As for this person that is being a fuck stick to you, if they show up at the Loras Homecoming, point them out for me......maybe a severe ass beating will make them come around?

11:08 PM, Sep 15, 2003

R._Heller interjected:

On another more humorous note, I still think the guy in your fish picture looks like Ben Affleck. I guess if that is the case the fish must be J. LO? lol

11:10 PM, Sep 15, 2003

Lev interrupted with:

That sucks, man. Keep up the good work. Don't let one guy bring you down.

11:45 AM, Sep 17, 2003

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