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Everybody has been slow to reconverge after the holidays. It's been pretty boring lately. To cope, I've taken up Lord of the Rings Online, and for real this time. Nick and I have been playing and patiently crossing paths as I work my way up through the levels. But what really astounds me about the game is the level of detail that has been poured into Tolkien's Middle-Earth. On more than a few occasions I have dropped my jaw at some incredible in-game sight, as my character climbs some hill to take in a dizzying vista of Weathertop, or Fornost, or the Old Forest, or Thorin's Halls, or any of the countless painstakingly created places included in the game.

I'm on call again starting Thursday, so you can count on me being a bit surlier than usual, what with the lack of sleep and all. This coming weekend is the first major maintenance window following the year-end work freeze, so lots of things will get broken, and I will get paged a lot. A lot. Sunday especially will be particularly unpleasant.

I have a couple of days of freedom left, and no real plans on how to spend them.

1:10 PM, Jan 8, 2008


Brad had this to say:

Beer is always a good way to spend your days of freedom. I suggest a meeting at Grinder's tomorrow evening.

10:27 PM, Jan 8, 2008

Brad was sure you'd want to know:

I finally registered on this damn thing. I haven't won anything yet. Nor have I received any fruitful benefits. What a rip.

11:58 PM, Jan 8, 2008

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